Monday, February 3, 2014

In Which You Can Win A Book!

Hi all!

Today I'm part of a blog tour for a pal of mine from the QT Forum.

T.L. Bodine has a new book out and about in the world. TAGESTRAUM!


Working as a child welfare agent, Adrian has seen a lot of disturbing things. Nathaniel Weaver isn’t the first kid in the city who’s ever gone missing, but his disappearance haunts Adrian in a way he cannot entirely explain. Maybe it’s because the child looks so eerily similar to himself. Maybe it’s the drawing that Nathaniel gave to him the last time they met: a cloaked nightmarish figure that Adrian recognizes from his own dreams.
When Adrian returns once more to the scene of the disappearance, he finds a doorway leading to another world: Tagestraum, a bizarre and often treacherous faerie realm powered by human dreams. The world itself threatens the safety and sanity of any human that crosses into it, and several of its denizens are eager to harvest errant humans for a little raw energy.
Adrian knows that he’s the only person who can find Nathaniel – but to do it, he must battle both dangerous inhabitants and his own worst nightmares, and each night that passes brings Adrian closer to losing himself completely.
Sounds cool, right? How about a quick excerpt?
The Nightmare Man came today. 
Adrian could still hear the echo of Nathaniel's words in his mind – the words the boy had said when he made the drawing.  The sketch now stared up at him from the coffee table: A tall, cloaked man with a gaping mouth rimmed in teeth like the maw of some deep-sea fish. 
The first time Nathaniel had shown him The Nightmare Man, months ago now, a cold chill had crept up Adrian’s back, a sense of déjà vu that he could not entirely place.  It bothered him.  Now, with Nathaniel missing and the picture staring up from its place on the coffee table, it bothered him a whole lot more.    
The phone clicked in his ear as the voice mail picked up.  Adrian waited for the beep, then said, “Hey, Detective Roark?  It's Adrian Montgomery again, from Social Services, about the Weaver case?  I’m not sure if my last call went through…you didn’t call me back.  I just wanted to –“
The phone beeped, and the call disconnected. 
Adrian dialed again.  It took longer to connect this time.  Finally, the line picked up, and a woman’s electronic monotone said, “We’re sorry.  The voice mailbox you are calling is full.  Please try your call again later.” 
For good measure, he tried it one more time.  When he got the same message, he rose from the couch and walked into the kitchen, depositing both his phone and the sketch into his pocket. 
 He opened his refrigerator; light bathed the room, and he stood in the glow for a long time, staring at the mostly-bare shelves.   After a minute, he closed the door and walked into his office, sitting down at the computer chair without bothering to turn on the light. 
He pulled up the online Missing Children Registry, searching for familiar names.  There were a few; Social Services and missing children tended to go together more often than he'd like.  Not like Nathaniel, though.  Kids were usually kidnapped by their estranged parents, or ran away from home.  They didn't just vanish from their backyards in broad daylight, with no witnesses, no suspects, no evidence. 
And they didn't tell their child welfare agent about The Nightmare Man.

T.L. Bodine grew up in a household where storytelling was a revered artform, and it engendered in her a lifelong love of language and narrative.  After traveling the country with her blue-collar family in a 31-foot motorhome, she headed to New Mexico State University to study English and pursued an MFA at Northern Arizona University before realizing she’d much rather write fiction than talk about it. 
Her first story, a microfiction piece called “Werehouse”, was posted to in 2007.  Since then she’s been published in several online and print magazines in addition to her three self-published works:  The Beast in the Bedchamber, Nezumi’s Children and Tagestraum.  Her wheelhouse is creepy, character-driven fiction that blurs the line between fantasy and horror, usually by placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations. 
When not writing novels, she’s a full-time freelancer of web content and a video game writer for Black Chicken Studios.  She’s also a horror respondent for Ravenous Monster webzine and has collaborated with the gaming company Ginger Goat on its most recent anthology, “Trust Me,” about dolls who sometimes tell lies. 
Aside from writing, T.L.’s passions include reading, gaming, cooking and animals.  Her home is currently shared by two dogs, two cats and an ever-varying number of rescued geriatric rats.  For more information, you can follow her blog at T.L. Bodine or catch her on Facebook at

So if you're looking for a new read, maybe check out TAGESTRAUM! I've read some of T.L.'s work before (including The Beast in the Bedchamber) and I've never been disappointed with her stories or skills.

And I know you're asking, is there a chance to win a copy? Well, OF COURSE there's a chance to win a copy!


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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is one mean looking unicorn!

Maria Zannini said...

Congrats to TL! Her bio alone is enough to make her writing interesting. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Looks like a good one!

Rena said...

Awesome! I love the cover and it goes so well with the feel of the sample!

tlbodine said...

Thanks for hosting me today :)

Gina Gao said...

This looks really amazing!

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