Monday, November 18, 2013

In Which I Have Superstitions

I'm oddly superstitious while querying.

Which is kind of weird because I'm not actually that superstitious as a person. But when querying, I dunno, man. I'm just worried about jinxing things.

It's why I never talk about how querying is going for me on the blog. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. Every once in awhile I'll give a little generic hint, but I'm honestly worried that if I talk about it too much, I'll be jinxing it.

Which is funny because I'm perfectly fine talking about it in person with people (and by in person i mostly mean via email). So why do feel that talking one on one is okay, but bringing up on social media is asking for trouble?

I have no clue.

(Completely OT: I'm watching Tangled while writing this and found a plot hole. Rapunzel has been locked in her tower her whole life. She even sings a song about how she's never felt grass or the sun or what have you before.

And yet somehow, when trapped in a hole filling with water, she knows how to swim? That makes no sense. BOO on it, I say. BOO)

Anyway, is there anything you're oddly superstitious about?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Man, you just ruined Tangled for me!
Just kidding.
I don't talk about my progress on writing on my blog either, probably for the same reason. (As in, I don't know why, I just don't.)

Johanna Garth said...

I'm with you on the not talking about querying. I thought I'd be excited and post about it once it was successful, but then I got superstitious about selling the book and so yeah, still not talking about it a lot. ;)

Matthew MacNish said...

I can be superstitious about sports, but not neurotically so.

Leandra Wallace said...

Oh, Tangled! I have it recorded and find myself watching it lots. I love those lanterns! I don't think I'll talk about querying on my blog either. I'll just keep it to myself and eat lots of chocolate. =)

Summer Frey said...

I didn't want to talk much about querying either, but not for superstitious reasons. Just...because.

Since I became a nurse, I've found that I have developed a super-strong--I don't know what to call it, sixth sense? ESP? I call it my "spidey sense." I can think of at least 4 times off the top of my head that I've had the urge to do something and either found a patient just passing, found them about to do something really bad (like pull out a central line), or stopped a really serious med error from a physician. A lot of nurses talk about their intuition, and it's very true. I don't know what to think about it, but it certainly exists.

Rena said...

Okay, so this is going to sound really crazy, but there is something to what Summer Frey is saying.

Every now and then I get a moment of pure clarity. Just a flash, really, but in that moment I know things, crazy things, like I knew a certain trip was going to have trouble (plane broke, stranded at airport for days), and I knew before climbing a tree that I was going to fall out of it.

Now, these aren't like the usual anxiety moments. I know what those are, and you convince yourself that something bad is going to happen. No I'm talking about a moment of such clarity that it is an undeniable truth, but only for a second. (I climbed the tree to prove to myself that I was being a superstitious twit. The board broke when I was ten or twelve feet up. I, of course, did this alone, and I woke up in a pile of leaves with no idea of how long I'd been there).

I get these moments for bigger things too, but I don't talk about the big ones because they will freak you the hell out.

So yeah, I'm superstitious about stuff, because, yeah, I can't explain those things.

Austin Gorton said...

I'm oddly superstitious about being on call for work - like, I try not to think or talk about how long its been since I've gotten a call, or that I hope I won't get a call because I need to do X, etc.

Even though I know full well whether or not I get a call has absolutely no connection to how much I'm thinking or talking about the absence of them. I have no control over whether stuff is gonna break.

Anyways, I suppose you could argue that at the point that the cave is filling with water, some kind of animal instinct for survival kicks in, granting Rapunzel enough innate swimming ability to survive.

I'm not saying *I'm* arguing that, but someone could...

mshatch said...

I'm pretty close-mouthed when it comes to querying and requests. I'm always afraid if I say anything about it - positive or negative - it will somehow affect the outcome. I mean I know it won't, not really, right?

Gina Gao said...

I guess we all have our routines when doing something important. I understand being superstitious and having your way of doing things.

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