Monday, November 21, 2011

In Which I Return

So, I'm back everyone. Last week I took a surprise hiatus. I didn't mean it to happen, it just kind of popped up. And once I was in it, I figured I'd just use the time off productively.

I've been having PC problems, which frustrate me to no end. My good laptop has a stupid virus or something, which makes using search engines almost impossible, and makes using FB and google reader very frustrating. And when I get frustrated I mostly just walk away. So my presence on the interwebs has been less than normal and will probably remain that way until I find the time to get the laptop fixed (mostly, it's just a pain in the butt to try and figure out when I want to go without my computer. Probably not until I at least catch up on NaNo)

Yes, I'm behind on NaNo. Yes I'm still confidant I will be able to catch up and still pull out as a winner. So far, the MS is kicking my ass. I've yet to reach that stage where I'm excited about it. Which makes me sad and also makes me not want ot write on it. Mostly I just want to go back to Break Free and work on that.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

Anyway, while I was offline last week, I did get some SUPER AWESOME NEWS that I will be sharing on Wednesday. So, please stop by then.

Also on Friday I will have a post which may or may not tell you how you can win a book via twitter. And by may not, I definitely mean may.

So! Exciting things going on here the rest of the week. Have exciting things been happening to you? Fill me in! I feel a little lost, having limited internet access.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Couldn't live without my computers.
Sorry you're not excited about your story.
Looking forward to your news!

Maria Zannini said...


That is all.

Hannah said...

I've accepted that I'm not going to "win" this year. There has just been too much to do and the day job is increasingly insane. And I'm also less excited about my story. I think I'll still finish it though. Just not in a week. ;-)

Summer Frey said...

I just can't make up my mind whether I want to try to win or not. I'm only at 23k, so obviously I'd have to pull two huge writing days out of my butt, which is never easy for me. But I dunno. It's really dreary and foggy today & I decided to skip class for a mental health day, so maybe I will. Maybe I'll try to write 6k today. Maybe I won't. Who knows?

Slamdunk said...

WB Sarah and sorry about the computer virus stress. I had to have one cleaned up at the shop earlier this year as it had similar search engine and browser issues.

DL Hammons said...

Sorry to hear about NaNo, especially that your not enjoying what your creating.

We have four computers in our household, not including my iPad. Being forced offline is never an option! :)

vic caswell said...

oooh! big news is super exciting!!!! YAY!!!
best of luck on nano, and by luck i mean GET TO WORK!!!!
sorry about the comp problems, mine's being a turd right now too. especially google chrome. it makes me mad, but oh well! just walk away is right!
looking forward to the rest of the week this a'way!

Austin Gorton said...

Yeah, you're pretty much describing how NaNo went for me last year. Not getting into the story and wishing you were writing something else.

Hope your computer gets better. Nothing terribly exciting happening for me.

Sarah Tokeley said...

Yuck. Viruses of any kind suck, hope it gets sorted soon. And here's to be a better week for you.

LD Masterson said...

Sorry NaNo's not going well.

Now about these teasers...

Dan Schwent said...

It sucks that you're not enjoying your NaNo novel. At least you have super awesome news to report. Did you get your laptop fixed?

Lola Sharp said...

Oh no. Get well, laptop.

(if not, do it anyway!)

Sorry about the nano novel not getting you excited. I really believe you have to be excited and passionate about a story, or else don't write it... change it into something you ARE excited about. Or, if the "lack of passion" is really about something else, like fear, then face it, clobber it, and get back to the writing.


Ninja Girl said...

Hey Falen!
Sorry to hear about all your tech troubles, but so glad you're back :D I can't wait to find out what your SUPER AWESOME NEWS is... I hope you're having a great week!
Ninja Girl

Jamie Gibbs said...

Ooooo, news and free books! You spoil us, Sarah :)
Good luck kicking NaNo's ass, and I hope your laptop gets fixed soon (I too know the sting of the laptop virus)

Hart Johnson said...

Urgh! So sorry about the virus! That stinks! Sorry the NaNo isn't loving you, yet. Funny how sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This one is really doing it for me, but my prior record is exactly 2 and 2. Like you, I think it is still worth it to plow through. Those others just may never get polished. (or they may... or probably most likely, parts of it will be reworked into something else)

Catherine Stine said...

Yeah, I hate it when my computer fizzles. In my case, my boiler blew, and melted down the gaskets. I spent the weekend with no heat, hunched over a space heater. Heat back on, I'm grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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