Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fun Words

So last Friday in the comments, Summer from ...And This Time Concentrate gave me an award. Mommy tried to take it from me but I gave her a mean doggy look and she backed away. We also got this award from the lovely Roxy at a women's write so check them both out.

This is MY AWARD so therefore I get to list the 7 random fact about me, because, this is my day to blog.

1. I was a shelter puppy. My first human mom brought me to Anne's shelter when I was 12 weeks old and Mommy and Anne scooped me up and brought me home. My first name was Boo.

2. Yvie is actually short for Yvette, but mostly I'm kind of named for Evey from V For Vendetta

3. Once, when I got stung by a bee, my face swelled up and I had to go to the ER Vet and get a shot. It was OK, I like the vet.

hey you guuyyyysss...

4. I love people. A Lot. Sometimes I get so excited I pee...

5. Sometimes I snore when I sleep.

6. When I get anxious, or maybe when I'm just really sleepy, my tongue sticks out.

7. When I was still a puppy, I was named Belle of the Ball at Whisker Whirl, which is a black tie event for the shelter I came from. I was picked out of all the other girl dogs to win a crown, prize and the title.

So now you know a little more about me. Onto the words!

Mornac - cognac for the morning

Beepaces - how far a bee travels to find nectar

Uverr - how the french say "over" in english (I know this, because i'm a frenchie)

Norsh - a drunken nordic fellow

Mygibins - personal monkey attendants. Watch out for their grabby fingers and their poop throwing

- when you cry over all the poop. So much poop...

Bark at ya later!


Joan Crawford said...

Mornac - cognac for the morning

I've been wondering what to call it.

Is that nailpiolish on that dog? No? Well, then, is it nail polish?

Yvie, you so cute!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, Evey in V for Vendetta was hot!

And my catchword is walion - a crying lion perhaps?

Anne Gallagher said...

Yvie you've outdone yourself today. I lurv every word on the list.

Anne Ahiers said...

yes that is nail polish- you can't a expect a girl to go to a gala not dressed to the nines, can you?

'Weepoo'- i remember doing that when Yvie was a puppy and she pooped all the time everywhere. There's even a song called 'poop spots' about Yvie's pooping. Also, i think there was another song about her pooping...

Christine Danek said...

That pooch is soooo adorable. Lov ereading your words.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Joan - yes. yes it is. To be fair, we rarely dress any of our dogs up but this time, she needed to be fancy

Alex - yes she was. And that WVW is awesome

Piedmont - thanks! I'm going to have to start collection some more words, though, because my list is running short

Anne - yeah i was thinking about posting that some time in the future

Christine - thanks!

Austin Gorton said...

Ha! I love your little lip curl, Yvie. Poe does the same thing sometimes. We call it his Hound Dog Elvis lip.

Great words all around. Gotta get me some Mygibins.

Now I'm off to enjoy my Mornac.

Anonymous said...

V for Vendetta is epic. Anyone named for Evey is cool in my book... ;)

Doggy treats all round!

Summer Frey said...

Now THAT is some epic snoring!
I could go for some mornac myself today...

Hannah said...

I do love a good mornac in the morning...especially after a night of weepoo. It's not my fault, I spent the night with a Norsh named Slosh, his parents were just begging for him to be a drinker.

WV: ender- the first draft ending to a novel or story. The
Also the OSC's character of the same name.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Teebore - we call it "bulldog face"

Simon - Now i really really want to go watch it right now!

Summer - yeah it's a good thing she doesn't snore all that often

Palindrome - now i want to read Ender's game again!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said... the snoring Yvie!!! So cute.

And, uh, dude, I totally need my own mygibins. That would make my day. For sure.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

OMG! Your darling puppy is so cute, Falen! I love how you didthe award answers from her pov. Fun! :-)

Just Wendy said...

Yvie, you are soooo gorgeous!

Julie said...

"Weepoo - when you cry over all the poop. So much poop..."

I laughed so hard, I almost pooed...err, kinda. :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

OMG--I pee when I get excited too! Well, I used to, but now I just jump up and down and lick people. I like my vet too, except when he sticks...well let's don't talk about that. I was a cowgirl for Halloween. What were you? I hate the guys who come once a week and take our stuff from the driveway. Do you have that problem? Mom's been writing on paper all day, so I got to use the computer.

:-) Macy

Sarah Ahiers said...

Carolina - especially if they could do things, like clean. But i have a feeling that having moneksy around would just make things dirtier

Shannon - thanks! To be fair, it was twin's idea

Wendy - aww thanks

Julie - LOL. Of course, it's all funny until poo needs to be cleaned up

Macy - This year we skipped the halloween costumes, but last year i was a pirate princess. As for those thieves that sneak around your house, i think you should just bark at them as loud as possible and i'm sure they'll run away

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