Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Which I Receive (More) Awards

I seem to get blog awards in groups, which of course makes it easier to write blog posts.

Thank you to Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time for the Honest Scrap Award.

Check out her blog because it's great and I'm sure you'll like it.

For this award I'm supposed to tell you 10 honest facts about myself. I think what this really means is "embarrassing" facts about yourself. I'll try to do my best, but I don't have too many moments that I find embarrassing.

1. I once fell down the stairs at my parent's house, to my family's endless amusement

2. Myself, Twin, Brother and a friend placed 4th in a local radio's Rock Band competition.

We are Mange Bear. Twin's character, Rojo, My character, Falen (der), Brother's character, Mal Strum

3. I'm afraid, yet fascinated, by ghosts

4. I'm an amateur cryptozoologist

5. In highschool, I broke my foot in a lazy river

6. On that note, when I was 6 I was sent to my room when Twin broke my collarbone (to be fair, my parents didn't know it was broken...)

7. I own a Hanson CD. And yes, I kind of like it

8. I have two tattoos. One which I showed here. And here's the other one:

9. I don't like to hear about Pukwudgies (also the final story here and here)

10. I cheat frequently at Croquet, but only because I don't want to lose as badly as I would without the cheating (I still lose when I cheat, just not as badly. And I never cheat if I'm doing OK)

This award I will pass on to:

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome
Elana Johnson

The other award I received from Alex over at Alex J Cavanaugh is the Over the Top award.

I've received this award before, so I won't bore you with my single word answers (because try as I might, I won't be able to come up with different ones than I did before).

Check out Alex's blog for some fun!


Dolly said...

Congratulations! Blog awards are great fun.

Now I will have to go find out what's a cryptozoologist.

Hannah said...

Ooooh, look at me. I get so many awards I don't know what to do with them...oh wait, one's for me. Er, Thanks and congratulations!!


Joan Crawford said...

Congratulations! I love your tattoos and how awesome is it you came in 4th in the radio competition?!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Lost Wanderer - crypotzoology is the search for hidden animals. It has legitimate branches for people who look for animals that may not be extinct as previosuly thought, but also deals in fun animals like sasquatch.

Palindrome - to be fair, i've been sitting on these for like 2 weeks.

Joan - the radio competition was awesome! The grand prize was a trip to four to vegas but we won Gwen Stefani tickets. We would have done even better but the rock band equipment kept failing

Anne Gallagher said...

Congratulations! Awards are always nice. You seem to have gotten a lot of broken bones when you were a child. I only broke my toe, it got run over by a telephone pole. Long story.

Austin Gorton said...

Broke your foot in a lazy river? That's awesome! (though I'm sure it wasn't for you, at the time).

DL Hammons said...

Yay for you! Yay for your bequeathed!

There is nothing funnier than someone falling down stairs, or accidentally farting, except someone who farts while they're falling down a flight of stairs!

Anne Ahiers said...

and let me tell you- this was the most epic of falls down the stairs ever
I think my mom and me peed our pants laughing, even though sarah was pissed.
Imagine if you will sarah standing at the top of the stairs. then for whatever reason she falls forward and is unable to catch herself. Her knees buckle and she slides down the stairs on her shins like a sled. At the bottom of the stairs she careens into brother who goes flying into the garage door.

G.~ said...

Congrats on all your awards. There can never be too many people telling you how much they appreciate you.

Let me know if you find the Loch Ness monster or Sasquatch. ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...


Kristin Rae said...

Congrats on the awards! That's a sweet tatoo. I've often contemplated getting a music note on one of my toes... might need a quill, too!

Sarah Ahiers said...

sigh. this is the second time i've responded to comments and they didn't save. WTF work computer?

Piedmont - a total of 3, though one was when i was an infant and i don't know if that counts

Teebore - the worst part was when i went to get dressed i told myslef to make sure i didn't put any weight on my foot, and yet when i tried to put on my pants i did exactly that and fell down and almost cried

DL - accidentally farting while falling down the stairs is one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life. I have a hard time thinking of any other time i've laughed so hard

Anne - yes yes. you keep on enjoying it because we all know nothing like that will ever happen again

G - oh i will. Though to be fair, i don't really believe in nessie. But don't get me started on Orang Pendek

Alex - thanks! And thanks for the award!

Kristin - music note on the toe would be great! It took me a long time to pick out the quill and i still sometimes wish i had gotten a cool colored one. But i really like the one i have

Austin Gorton said...

Orang Pendek?

Get started!

Sarah Ahiers said...

It's a little ape man (the name literally means "short person" in indonesian) that's seen in sumatra and walks bipedally.

it's one of the only cryptids that national geographic has sent an expedition purely to capture photographic evidence of.


Southpaw said...


Anne Ahiers said...

yeah, i can't wait for the day that they prove orang Pendek's existence. i know he's in there! he's probably riding on elephants and hunting tigers

Sarah Ahiers said...

Southpaw - thanks!

Anne - i want them to get proof sooooo bad! and then, onto the yeti!

Sarah Ahiers said...

ooh also, in Leviathan, one of the characters had a pet Thylacine. AWESOME!

Anne Ahiers said...

*sniff* i miss thylacines

Sarah Ahiers said...

me too

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