Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Which I Wait

I'm a pretty patient person. Unless things are right in my face constantly (previews to a good movie on ALL THE TIME - or fun conversations with friends that get you all jonesed for whatever it is you're waiting for (Lost, The Last Airbender movie)) I can ignore them pretty well until they arrive.

But sitting on Foxfire (my work in completion? WIC?) is tough.

I love to edit and revise. Especially line edits. Fixing words, tightening sentences? What's not to like about that?

But I know I have to sit on Foxfire to get some distance from it. I think distance is always required before any large revisions take place. Even line edits can go wonky if you don't have enough space between you and the piece.

I wish I was already at the end of February so I could start the revision process - break open those note cards and new notebook (which I still need to buy) and get to work. Move forward with it. I'm really excited to tackle the beginning. And I think I have a fix for the passive ending, so that's good too.

Is there any part of the revision process I don't like?

Writing additional scenes is not something I enjoy. I have a mindset that once a story is done, it's done, and to have to write new scenes is, to my mind, counterproductive. But I know that's not really the case, and I do know that Foxfire will require a few extra scenes from the antagonist's POV to help balance out the story and fill in some plot holes. Not too many scenes and they shouldn't be too hard to add, but still.

I should probably start working on something else (Twin's commission or my stalled WIP) and I will soon, I just have to work out a few more things (like a plot for the commission).

What do you do to keep yourself occupied while you're waiting to do revisions or something else for your story?

Also, next week I will write a post about placing in the Cosmic Coincidence Contest (and here)(I KNOW! I can't believe it either!) but I wanted to let you know, in order to spread around the love I got regarding Strays, I've added a 2nd giftcard to my 50 followers drawing - it will be another B&N card for $15.



Summer Frey said...

Your entry for the Cosmic Coincidence Contest was wonderful, by the by!

Commission sounds fun. My husband asks for them all the time. My Nano novel last year started out with something he wanted, and of course turned into something so far from what he'd asked for it was unrecognizable...but that's half the fun, huh?

Anne Gallagher said...

Once I write The End, I clean my office, my kitchen, the house, my paper files, my computer files. I do ALL the laundry and cook a fabulous meal. I generally take a few days off to do nothing or everything THEN I take out a brand new pad and pen and start free-writing. Stupidness, stupendousness, it doesn't matter. I just write. Then when I feel I've had enough time sit between me and the book, I'll look at it. It all depends on your schedule. I did revisions right away the first time, and after the rejections, I let it sit for 4 months. Depends on how YOU feel.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Damn, I always seem to be taking things out rather than putting things in!

Austin Gorton said...

stalled WIP

Sorry. Something stuck in my throat...

What do I do when waiting to start revisions? Heh. All the stuff that usually keeps me from writing to begin with, but with less guilt and frustration that I'm not writing.

I share your disdain of additional scenes. I know I need to add some to my WIC (and have even thought of a few already) but I'd much rather just tighten sentences and tweak dialogue.

Sarah Ahiers said...

hmm apparently blogger ate my first comment

Summer - i've done like group stories and fanfiction, but never a straight up commission. good to know they work out well for you

Piedmont - i also got my bedroom cleaned, my laundry folded and the dishes done, all things that i'd been putting off

Alex - i'd much rather have things to take out than things to put is. So much easier

Teebore - i'll get to it, i promise. yeah fixing what's already build is so much easier and fun

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

I started a new WIP while waiting to revise Shattered... Though I cheated here and there and did one overall review of the entire draft before putting it away for a few weeks.

Hannah said...

I'm pretty good at distracting myself so I think I'd be fine with waiting. Read tons of books. Watch movies. Talk to people I've been avoiding while writing...You only have 2 more weeks. Write some short stories or something in that time. Have fun!

xoxo said...

I agree I do not like things that are shoved constantly in your face. It's like you do want me to like it right??? then stop shoving it in face! Hope you get enough distance

Davin Malasarn said...

Waiting is hard for me too. But, I distract myself by always having other projects going on. That way, if I get itchy to write, there's always another story waiting for me, and other stories also help me get distance as well.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Waiting is by far the hardest part. It's the one time in the process we are powerless, so it's the most difficult to endure. Play, visit bloggy pals, write something new, visit bloggy pals...sleep, eat, and be merry! :-)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Best thing I did in my wait was to start a new WIP. When I finished the first draft of the new ms, I returned to the old one with fresh eyes. Now, I'm beating the tar out of it (and myself a bit). It's a beautiful thing. The process anyway.

Good luck with your wait. If all else fails, try a cocktail. Works for me.

Hannah said...

“ Some people say revision is like cleaning up after the party. I say revision is the party. „
-Billy Collins

Sarah Ahiers said...

Sara - CHEATER! i actually thought about doing a quick read through but i decided against it. trying something a bit different

Palindrome - i think what hurts, too, is i've been reading writing books, which doesn't actually help my waiting issue

xoxo - i can't stand when i'm excited for a movie but then there are constant previews and by the time i see the movie, i'm no longer as excited for it. It's like seeing your presents before x-mas.

David - usually thats the way i am too, but this time, none of my other ideas are quite ready to be pulled off the backburner

Shannon - oh there will be lots of blog visits

Carol - the sad thing is, that was always my plan. but none of them are ready to start, and i'm no longer a pantser, so i can't just jump right in

Palindrome - is there food at the party...?

Hannah said...

there's always food.

Kelly said...

As I am new to your blog, I was just reading over some of your old blog entries and saw the JW Waterhouse print you got for your birthday. I am obsessed with him. I used to have his prints all over my old apartment, Circe Invidiosa included! Happy Late Birthday!

Kelsey (Dominique) Ridge said...

I totally get you with the sitting on it thing. It can be hard to be away from an MS when all you want to do is go at it with a pen. I hope February moves very fast for you. :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

Palindrome - mmmmmmm

Kelly - oh man me too! There's not enough wall space in the world! All i have are the two (Circe and La Belle Dame) but still...

Dominique - well it's already about 50% done, so i would say so far so good.
Still. i just want to get to the next stage

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